My Kin wellbeing app

We are on a mission to build the first wellbeing app that is truly centred on local communities, powered by the latest data science.



Day-to-day wellness

Keep track of the small things that make up good health – staying active, being social, and getting out and about.

Picks for your wellbeing

Discover local events and activities cherry-picked to help you improve your health day by day.

Shared wellbeing journeys

Create your support network and motivate each other in keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Powered by data science

To deliver its insights the My Kin app makes use of your phone’s in-built sensors:
• Accelerometers to assess physical activity;
• Sound to measure social activity (we only identify whether there is “chit-chat” going on around the phone and never record what is being said!);
• Location to determine the time you spent out and about, and to recommend relevant activities in your local area;
• And most of the above to estimate sleep.
The sensors accessed by our app run in the background. The data from these sensors is exclusively used to measure for the benefit of improving our users’ wellbeing. Displayed measures depend on your phone usage and habits, they are best interpreted in the context of your own historical data which you will build up over time.

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