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Is My Kin free?

Yes! We’re releasing My Kin for free, and we hope you enjoy it! We may add paid-for features in the future if we find people really want them!

Who is My Kin for?

My Kin is great for anyone who wants to take charge of their wellbeing, either by themselves or with the support of family, friends, or professionals.

I live far away from my children. Is My Kin for me?

Absolutely! My Kin can help your children support you in taking charge of your wellbeing.

Is My Kin available on Apple/iOS?

Not yet. At the moment My Kin only works with Android. We’re working hard to get an application for iOS – sign up to the mailing list at the bottom of the page to get alerted when!

Do I need a wearable for My Kin to work?

No! My Kin works straight out of the box on the phone only. However, it only works if you carry your phone with you, so remember to bring it with you if you want the best performance!

I already have a wearable. Is this for me?

Absolutely! My Kin works well as a self-standing app, and we’re working to integrate third-party wearables! Let us know which one you have so we can update our priority list.

Do I have to share my data?

Absolutely not! It is very important to us that you feel in complete control over your data. If you don’t feel like sharing with your connections, My Kin is anyway a great tool for taking control of your own wellbeing. We just make sharing simple because we’ve found that it’s a lot easier to look after your health and wellbeing when you’re supported rather than when you’re at it alone!

I’m off on a secret adventure, how do I stop sharing for a little while?

You can stop sharing temporarily by blocking the user(s) you are sharing with. Go to Settings, and block them on their profile. Remember to unblock them when you get back!

Where can I download My Kin?

If you have an Android phone, you can go to the Google Play Store and search for My Kin, or Sentimoto. Just install the app and you’re good to go!



Alessandro Guazzi

Alessandro Guazzi


BioBright, Oxehealth
Imperial College London, Oxford University

Maxim Osipov

Maxim Osipov


Siemens, Motorola, GE
Oxford University

Lisa Stroux

Lisa Stroux


WHO, PATH, Helen Hamlyn Centre
Oxford University


Prof. Gordon Wilcock

Prof. Gordon Wilcock


Emeritus Professor of Geratology at the University of Oxford. Internationally recognized leader in the field of Alzheimer’s disease.

Prof. Lionel Tarassenko

Prof. Lionel Tarassenko


Head of Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. Founder of 4 companies and world leading expert in digital health.

Kathie Osborne

Kathie Osborne

Business Advisor

SaaS Routes to Market+Tech Vendor Alliances-Partner Progammes. IBM, Oracle, BT



Winners of the Innovate UK Quantified Self Innovation Contest


Winners of the Nominet Trust Social Tech Seed Award; Start-Up Chile accelerator programme, Co-designed our mobile and wearabe apps with ExtraCare Lovat Fields village residents


Winners of the Best UK Start-Up Award at the Wearable Tech Expo in London; Winners of the UnLtd Fast Growth Award; Completed proof-of-concept and technology validation study with Oomph! Wellness



Sentimoto Ltd was incorporated as a UK Limited Company by four graduate students of the University of Oxford; Accepted to the Bethnal Green Ventures Tech for Good accelerator programme



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