Introducing My Kin

My Kin: the wellness app for seniors


What is My Kin

My Kin is the new wellness app for seniors, the first well-being application that is truly targeted at the silver surfers out there. Whether you enjoy hikes or just a trip to the cafe, My Kin is made for you.

phone main screenTo me, the Application is my second conscience, to ensure I have a balanced day.

Rather than focusing on “fitness” (sprinting, cycling, swimming, etc.), we focus on the basic aspects of wellness that are important to all: your overall physical, psychological, and social well-being.


How do we do that? Well, My Kin uses the sensors on the smartphone to get the four indicators of well-being: the time spent physically active, out of the house, sleeping, and socially active.

These were purposefully chosen as the things that people would anyway look out for when trying to understand how someone is doing: the real descriptors of behaviour.

Month view on the phone

With My Kin you can both look at the immediate changes on an hour-by-hour basis and at the long-term trends and changes, empowering you to make changes.

I am enjoying using the app as it highlights my lack of activity on certain days and I am trying to rectify that.

What’s more, My Kin makes it really easy to share your well-being with others, so that you can challenge, support, or be supported by your friends and family. If you’re ever in need of a little privacy, you can drop off the radar by becoming invisible to your contacts for a bit.

But the support goes a lot further than just sharing: if you’re ever in a pickle, My Kin has a convenient “Find Me” button that sends your last known location to your contacts so that they can come help.

alert button

How My Kin Can Help You

We know that engaging with your well-being can be challenging at times – it’s difficult to know when things are changing or if you’re doing the right thing.

My wife wants me to wear a pendant, but I always resist it because it makes me feel and look more vulnerable than I actually am.

My Kin is made to give everyone the confidence they need to take charge of their own health and wellness, secure in the knowledge that your kin will be there whatever happens.

What’s Next?

We’re working hard to make it the most relevant application on the market – our goal is to have an application that not only encourages and supports  you in engaging with your well-being, but that can detect problems early on.

We’re developing algorithms that spot sudden changes in behaviour and are running studies to evaluate the use of this technology to diagnose and treat health conditions. For now, though, you just get a fantastic well-being app!

Where Can I Get It?

My Kin is already available (for free!) on the Google Plays Store. Just search for My Kin and download the app! Get it now!

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