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Sentimoto is a UK startup, founded by graduates of Oxford University, that is creating an analytics platform for behavioural data collected from smartphones that both helps people engage with their health, and health and social care professionals understand the outcomes of interventions.

Our unique and user-centred technology not only allows the quantification of wellbeing, including physical activity, sleep and social interactions, but also transforms this information into immediately accessible and meaningful suggestions for the user and their support network, with the aim of ensuring long-­term support of the user’s needs.

Within our platform, we build an ecosystem of impactful well-being activity providers, including “tech for good” startups and charities local to our users. Thus, we can benefit from community resources and build up on already existing and proven well-being improvement programmes.

Our board

Alessandro Guazzi

Lisa Stroux

Maxim Osipov

Vica Manos
Investor Director

Cesare Guaita
Investor Director


Professor Gordon Wilcock

Professor Lionel Tarassenko

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