What we do
Sentimoto is developing a well-being smartphone application aimed at 50+ year olds. Our service not only helps identify social isolation, inactivity, and track mental well-being, but closes the loop by suggesting activities tailored to the person’s well-being profile. We are uniquely placed on the market and, having proven the technology, are now working with Local Authorities and other partners to grow our user-base and the ecosystem of well-being activity providers.
Open positions
The ideal candidate has prior experience in working with the public or non-profit sector and in building a community around health. Prior experience in sales or partnership building is also desirable.
We are looking for a part-time community lead to help engage our users through exciting new health-related activities the lead will be sourcing.
We are looking for a marketing communication intern, who will make sure that our marketing and PR companies across the UK region are well organised and executed.
We need a new member for our team for full-stack development – a person with an excellent working knowledge of Node.js, AWS, MongoDB, etc. Ideally who really likes JavaScript and has ambitions to build a WhatsApp/Telegram grade secure backend solutions. We can offer a very reasonable salary and a generous stock options plan!
Sentimoto is looking for a talented mobile / Android software engineer to join us as one of the first employees and to drive the company products development. Our plan is to offer our services to thousands of people in the UK and worldwide and rapidly grow in the next years, so we are looking for an ambitious and hard-working individual with a prior experience in building commercial apps with thousands of users.
For any other careers requests please email