How it Works v0-124

The wellbeing app that connects

The My Kin app has three tabs – feed, agenda, and lifestyle – each working to help you on your journey to wellbeing.

Your wellbeing

As indicators of wellbeing, the app measures the time you spend physically active from the movement sensors on the phone, the time you spend outdoors or away from home from the location sensors, the time you spend socially active by detecting face-to-face conversations, and the time you spend asleep from all the phone sensors.

Measuring what matters

The lifestyle screen displays your wellbeing indicators as recorded by the app. A daily summary is shown at the top and you can swipe it left and right to go back and forth in time. Trends over time are shown at the bottom, swipe left and right for a weekly and monthly overview.

Finding what’s on

The agenda lists all the activities available locally to you by date. By clicking on the bookmark icon for the activity, you set a convenient reminder that will alert you a day before. You can also filter the activities by clicking the icon on the top right – by time of day, place, or distance!

Keeping on top of things

The feed is where all the most important notifications are – messages about special events, the reminders for your selected activities, and even a way to send your feedback to the providers.