About Sentimoto
Sentimoto is a UK startup, founded by graduates of Oxford University, that is creating an analytics platform for behavioural data collected from smartphone and wearable devices to both help older people engage with their health, and health professionals understand the outcomes of interventions.
Sentimoto’s unique and user-centred technology not only allows the quantification of wellbeing, including physical activity, sleep, and social interactions, but also transforms this information into immediately accessible and meaningful feedback for the wearer and their support network, with the aim of ensuring long-­term support of the user’s needs.

About the Founders
Sentimoto’s founding team met during their DPhil studies in Healthcare Innovations at the University of Oxford. The team has a varied skillset, covering crucial areas of management and business administration, software development, design, biomedical signal acquisition and analysis and web technologies, with previous exposure to carers and established systems of care, and a good understanding of the medical and social problems that can arise as a result of ageing. Alessandro Guazzi (CEO) has a background in machine learning and web design. He holds a Masters degree in Physics from Imperial College London and has worked for several startups prior to Sentimoto. Maxim Osipov (CTO) holds an engineering degree in Computer Science and EMBA in Strategic Marketing. He has lead development teams at Motorola, Siemens and GE. His PhD research focused on identification of mental disorders from behavioural information. Lisa Stroux (COO, UX) is a design is a design engineer with experience in the area of medical device development. She has worked at the Helen Hamlyn Centre in London and the World Health Organization, developing human-centred, affordable healthcare solutions.



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