User Guide v0-124

Welcome to My Kin!

The My Kin app has three tabs – feed, agenda, and lifestyle – each working to help you on your journey to wellbeing.

Your wellbeing

As indicators of wellbeing, the app measures the time you spend physically active, out of home, socially active, and asleep. These indicators are colour-coded – a dot of the relevant colour is included in the top left of the activities listed in the agenda to indicate what the activity can help improve.

The feed

Your main screen is the feed. This is where all the most important notifications are – messages about special events, reminders for bookmarked activities, and feedback cards for activities you’ve attended. At first it will be quite empty, so head over to the agenda!

The agenda

The agenda lists all the activities available locally to you by date and time. If you can’t see any, make sure your phone’s location is turned on and check the filter to see whether the app’s got your location right!

The filter

You can filter the activities on the agenda by clicking the icon on the top right of the screen – by time of day, place, or distance!


When you find an activity you’re interested in, you can bookmark it by clicking on the bookmark icon. This sets a convenient reminder for you that will alert you of the activity a day ahead and helps you keep track of what you’ve booked!

The lifestyle screen

The lifestyle screen displays your wellbeing indicators as recorded by the app, including the time you’ve spent physically active, out of the house, socially active, and asleep. The sleep may be inaccurate for the first couple of days when you get on My Kin – it’s calibrating to your rhythm!

Day totals

The top of the lifestyle screen has the day totals, the amount of time you’ve clocked for each of the wellbeing metrics today. Swipe it left and right to go back and forth in time.

Wellbeing timeline

The middle plot in lifestyle shows your timeline – each bar represents an hour and goes from 1am last night to 1am today. Watch it fill up during the day!

Wellbeing trends

You can check how your wellbeing changes over time through the trends plots in the lifestyle screen. By swiping left and right you can toggle between looking at the last month and the last three months.

The menu

You can access the menu from any screen by clicking on the menu icon. Here you will find your “kin” – the people you’ve connected with – and your Settings.

Adding a kin

To add a kin, you will need to know their phone number. Just head over to the menu, and click on “add kin”.

Your profile

You can change your profile at any time, either through the settings in the menu or by clicking on your image icon.

We hope you enjoy My Kin!